Satelitní snímek Abúsíru - Quick Bird - 23.2.2003


These pages inform of activities of Geoinformatics Laboratory in the archaeological research carried on by Czech National Centre of Egyptology and Czech Institute of Egyptology on the Czech concession in Egypt.

The Laboratory provides complete support of the research in the field of geoinformatics - geodesy, cartography, GIS application, Remote Sensing and GPS survey.


 Laboratoř geoinformatiky UJEP



Prague Egyptian Studies - PES - papers:
Geoinformatics in Abusir Archaeological Research - PDF
Satellite Image of Abusir,..... - PDF

Autumnal Season 2002 in Abusir , more details here
Spring Expedition 2003 - Bahariya Oasis, El-Hayez area.
Final report in English
On-line news on the National Geographic web page.

Satellite image of pyramid fields - Abusir, Saqqara, Dahshur
Satellite image of the Abusir Pond
Panchromatic image of Abusir
Virtual view of the Kaaper's tomb, also see the
PDF format
Photogramm of the Vizier Kar's burial complex
Abusir from various perspectives - PDF
Shaft "A" of Inti's burial complex - PDF


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